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COVID-19 Protocols

Your health and safety is a priority to us. To ensure the safety of everyone entering the treatment space, please follow and respect the following protocols for your massage appointment. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping everyone safe during this time!

Before Your Appointment

1. If you are experiencing any COVID-19, flu/cold symptoms, please reschedule your appointment and wait until you feel better before coming in for a massage. 

2. Masks are optional as of June 11, 2022 and you are no longer required to wear a mask during your treatment. I will have a mask on throughout the treatment to ensure your safety. 

3. Please complete your health history form online before arriving to the appointment. If you need help completing the form, you may complete it in person on the day of your appointment. 


4. Arrive at your appointment no earlier than 5 minutes to avoid waiting time. If you are arriving by car, you may wait in your car. If you need help completing your health history form, you may arrive 15 minutes early. 

5. To minimize contact and the risk of infection and for privacy purposes, I ask that only 1 person arrive at a time to your appointment spot. If you need to arrive with another person, please contact me and let me know before you arrive so I can make the proper arrangements to ensure the space is safe and private. 

During Your Appointment

1. Hand sanitizer will be provided upon entry. You may also choose to wash your hands with soap in the washroom. 

2. I will have my mask on at all times during the massage to ensure your safety. 

3. . Throughout your appointment, the only person that you will be in contact with is me. Patients are advised to arrive at their appointments on time to minimize the risk of contact.

After Your Appointment

1. Before and after your appointment, all common contact surfaces are cleaned and disinfected with a disinfectant solution approved by Health Canada. These areas include, but not limited to: washroom surfaces, massage table, massage bottle, light switches, door knobs, desk, tables, chairs, hooks, bolsters, pillows, and other equipments used during the treatment. 

2. A new set of linens and towels (including face cradle covers) will be provided for each patient. Dirty linens are stored in a basket with a lid/cover, away from the treatment space, and will be washed the day of the appointment. 

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