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No Show/Missed Appointments

I understand that life happens and events tend to happen unexpectedly. If you cannot show up on the day of your appointment due to an emergency or unforeseen event, please try your best to reach out to me by text, email, or phone and I assure you I will be reasonable. I usually would give you a call 10 minutes into your appointment if you haven’t arrived by then to make sure everything is okay, but please don’t ignore my calls. 


In the case that you do not show up for your appointment and I cannot reach out to you in every possible way I can think of, you will be charged a No Show/Missed Appointment fee equivalent to the full price of the service you booked for. You will have to pay this fee before you can book for your next appointment. 

Late Arrival

If you arrive late to an appointment, the time will cut into your treatment time and you will be charged the full amount for the service. For example, if you booked for a 60 minute treatment and were 10 minutes late, your treatment time will be 50 minutes but will be charged for the full 60 minute treatment. Please try your best to make it on time. 


Late Reschedule/Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice

You have up to 24 hours before the time of your appointment to reschedule or cancel the appointment to avoid paying a reschedule/cancellation fee. You can do this by simply going online and reschedule the appointment yourself, or you can text, email, or call in and we’ll reschedule it together. 


**IMPORTANT** If you reschedule or cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice before the time of your appointment, you will be charged the full amount of service. 


This means, if you booked an appointment for 1PM tomorrow, you have until 1PM today to cancel or reschedule. I will try my best to fill your spot, and in the case that I can find someone to fill the time slot, you will not be charged. The event will be documented in your file. The purpose of enforcing this policy is to respect the time of other patients and therapist. When you book an appointment, the time slot and preparations are reserved just for you. This means that if another patient is in need of a treatment, they will not be able to book in your reserved time slot. By rescheduling or cancelling last minute, you are taking away an opportunity for another patient to receive treatment.  



Your health, safety, and well-being is a priority for me and I will take the necessary steps to protect your health by preventing the spread of disease. As some of the patients I work with may have compromised immune systems, it is extremely important for you to inform me of any transmittable or infectious illness that you may have or if you have not been vaccinated from the major communicable disease before treatment. 


If you are experiencing a fever or have symptoms of a cold or a flu on the day of your appointment, please contact me to cancel or reschedule your appointment as soon as possible. You will NOT be charged the cancellation or rescheduling fee but the event will be documented in your file.


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